Calle Norzagaray, Esq. Morovis, Primer Piso
Cuartel de Ballajá San Juan, P.R. 00901
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Picaderas / Appetizers
Croquetas / Croquettes
Croquettes filled with serrano ham and manchego cheese
Mariquitas / Yuca and Plantain Chips
Fried yuca and plantain chips served with our house mayo - ketchup
Tostones Rellenos / Fried Plantains
Crispy fried plantains filled with your choice of Octopus ($11.00), Shrimp ($12.00), Ceviche ($9.00)
Our daily Ceviche.
Longaniza Artesanal / Craft Puerto Rican Sausage
6-8 wheels of Puerto Rican sausage made to the Orocovis style served with mango marmalade
Codfish fritters mixed with shrimp
Bolitas de Mofongo / Fried Mashed Plantain Bites
Fried mashed plantain bites mixed with chicken and pork
Bandeja De quesos y carnes frías / Tray of cold cheese and meat
A tray of manchego cheese and serrano ham with mixed fruits
Tacos de Pescado / Fish Tacos
2 tacos with breaded fried fish strips, coleslaw with chipotle and mango sauce
Calamares frtos / Fried Calamari
Plantain breaded calamari served with avocado aioli
Carpaccito Criollo / Puerto Rican Carpaccio
Filet mignon carpaccio topped with green peas "mojo", plantain crumble, our country cheese and a balsamic vinegar reduction
Cocktail de Camarones / Shrimp Cocktails
Pieces of shrimp with a cocktail sauce with guava, "tequila reposado" and coriander 6 pieces / 17.95 - 8 pieces / 22.95
Longa Sliders
3 sliders of sausages, coleslaw and a mango chipotle sauce
Chicharrones de Pollo / Breaded Chicken Rice
Deep fried cut breaded chicken served with green salad and our mayo - ketchup sauce
Surtido Jíbaro/ Puerto Rican Sampler
A variety of every appetizer in the house.
Sopa / Soup
Our soup of the day
Arroz estilo Campo / Country style rice / for 2 $21.00 / For 4 $36.00
Rice prepared with chicken, skirt steak, pork, Puerto Rican and Spanish sausage and beans
Ensaladas / Salads
Caprese Puertorriqueño / Puerto rican Caprese
A Puerto Rican style Caprese salad made with organic lettuce, cherry tomatoes, fried cheese, sweet fried plantains, onions, and a guava balsamic vinegar
Ensalada Tropical / Tropical Salad
Our tropical style salad made of organic lettuce, papaya, mango, tomatoes, onion, avocado, and sherry vinaigrette
Mariscos / Fish
Camarones en Pimiento / Pepper Shrimp
6 pieces served with a creamy pepper and white wine sauce
Filete de salmón / Salmon Filet
Fresh salmon in a fresh pineapple sauce
Carnes / Meats
Bistec de lomillo / Beefsteak Loin
Griddled beefsteak loin prepared with onions
Churrasco / Skirt Steak
12 oz Angus skirt steak topped with our coriander and pineapple chimichhurri
Yunque Burger
Our Puerto Rican style hamburger made of brown ground beef, sausage, sweet plantains, our country cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onions
Aves / Birds
Pechuga a la Plancha / Griddled Chicken
Griddled boneless chicken breast with your choice of onions, chimichurri or pineapple sauce
Acompañantes / Sides
Arroz con habichuelas / Rice and Beans
Arroz Mamposteado / Mamposteao Rice
Majado del Día / / Mash of the Day
Tostones / Fried Plantains
Amarillos / Sweet Plantains
Vegetales / Vegetables
Side Salad
Postres / Desserts
Chocolate Passion
Chocolate cake with homemade vainilla ice cream
Canasta de Lechoza / Pastry Basket with Sweet Papaya
Puff pastry basket topped with sweet papaya and our country cheese
Caribbean Crepe
A crepe filled with cream cheese and tropical fruits and a guava brandi sauce
Dessert of the Week
Ask for our weekly chef's dessert special
Flan de Queso
Flan de Coco
Helado de chocolate casero / Homade chocolate Ice Cream

Cinema Bar 1950, Old San Juan is the only place in Puerto Rico where you can be served your typical puertorrican dishes, surrounded by this beautiful Island's artistic history from the 1950's and of all times; and at the same time enjoy excellent local, as well as international, films. Experience the variety of local flavors in the capital of the city.
We bring the second independent movie theater to the Metropolitan Area; which counts with two cinema rooms with a max capacity of 68 seats each. We offer table service to the viewers & a spectacular VIP area where you can enjoy your favorite bottle of wine & liquor with friends or your date. A must-have experience you would not want to miss!